Hello and welcome. I'm a lifestyle/editorial photographer now based Grand Forks, North Dakota of all places. After starting my business in Charlotte, NC and bouncing around the Southeast, we are embarking on a new adventure in a a whole new part of the country. My goal is to capture the beauty of life as you know it. My passion is to create images that celebrate life and emotion with a fresh and modern style. I'm happy to share my journey with you here on my site.

Available for travel assignments and adventure, always.
Find arms that will hold you at your weakest. Eyes that will see you at your ugliest and a heart...and a heart that will love you at your worst. Then you have found true love.



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Cindy Klug says:


(08.19.14 @ 04:01 PM)
Michelle Williams says:


(08.19.14 @ 07:28 PM)
Kim says:

Great pics!!

(08.20.14 @ 02:20 PM)
Nancy Greenwood says:

Beautiful pictures!

(08.21.14 @ 08:42 AM)
marilyn (klug) roch says:

They look very HAPPY:::: GOOD JOB.

(08.21.14 @ 01:19 PM)
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:: 08.10.14
"It was being a runner that mattered, not how fast or how far I could run. The joy was in the act of running and in the journey, not in the destination. We have a better chance of seeing where we are when we stop trying to get somewhere else. We can enjoy every moment of movement, as long as where we are is as good as where we'd like to be. That's not to say that you need to be satisfied forever with where you are today. But you need to honor what you've accomplished, rather than thinking of what's left to be done."
― John Bingham


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Tiffany Acuff says:

This is SO cool. I love how her strength and power is on such beautiful display!!!! And that quote!
This is one of my favorite series you've done. How beautiful to see a woman in her running gear - and not JUST to get me to buy shoes or pants or something. But to say YES - that's a beautiful image. I wanna know how his came to be. Love!

(08.14.14 @ 01:30 PM)
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She is a dreamer.
A doer.
A thinker.
She sees possibility everywhere.

These images are a testament to Jayci's natural beauty because we were literally being swarmed by mosquitoes and only able to shoot about 5 minutes total. At one point she looked down at the ground and squealed, "It looks like the grass is moving!" -- there were THAT many mosquitoes! Just another evidence of her ability to exhibit grace in less than perfect circumstances. This woman is a gem, it's easy to see. xoxo


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Windows are rolled down
Sun is rising high
Windows are rolled down
Feel that wind rushing by
- Amos Lee


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As I have managed to ignore this lovely site for the past 7 months... there is much catching up to be done. I keep promising myself I will tackle the task of updating my site, and maybe one day that will happen. Until then I'll just share a few images that have made the past months beautiful through my eyes. Much love xoxo

Missoula MT. July 2014.

Lost Valley Ranch. June 2014.

Old friends in Charlotte.
Little man with my mama, who has been battling cancer.
Lots of hard goodbyes this summer in Grand Forks. 

Kristen (Ross' sister)... wedding. Chillichothe, OH. July 2014.
Southern Proper 2014 Fall line. Atlanta, GA.


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Katie says:


(08.03.14 @ 09:00 AM)
Katie says:


(08.03.14 @ 09:01 AM)
Bobbie Brown says:

ah! incredibly gorgeous! And I hope your Mom is doing good....

(08.04.14 @ 11:49 AM)
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